Minute of the general assembly in Georg Jensen Society August 31, 2003.  

1. Morten Møller Georg Jensen was chosen as the meeting’s chairman, and Liv Carøe as recording secretary. 

2. The chairman of the meeting established that the meeting had been called with due notice, as letters were sent out July 25, 2003.  

3. Michael Krogsgaard presented the report from the committee: 

Report from the committee 2002-03. 

The period since the last general assembly has been a very busy and interesting year for Georg Jensen Society. 

We had a very nice guided tour around Raadvad last August, visiting the spots and places that meant much to Georg Jensen during his childhood and left a significant inspiration for his life work. Raadvad presented itself from it’s best side under perfect weather conditions. 

Most of our energy this winter and spring has been used on the preparations for the exhibition “The unknown Georg Jensen”, to be held between March 26 and June 27, 2004 at Oeregaard Museum in Hellerup, few hundred meters from where Georg Jensen lived for 30 years (first at Gardes Alle and then at Lille Strandvej). The majority of arrangements at the 100 year anniversary of Georg Jensen’s Silversmith will concentrate on the history of the silversmith during the past 100 years, but the aim of our exhibition is to present Georg Jensen’s personal life work during his life time. The board has discussed the contents of the exhibition. It will have 6 main topics: His sculptural work, his cheramic works (including works for Ipsen and Bing & Grøndal), his early works (up until ca. 1908) in silver, gold and copper, his works with Anton Rosen, his time in Paris 1924-26, and the production in his own silversmith during the last years of his life. So our exhibition will be very different from others, e. g. the one to be held at Statens Museum for Kunst, organised by Royal Scandinavia and with a view of all the 100 years since the silversmith opened. These 2 exhibitions will supplement each other perfectly. The board has formed an organising committee consisting of 3 board members, Morten Møller Georg Jensen (grandchild of Ib Georg Jensen) and Per Blichfeldt (who’s wife’s grandfather was silversmith Saabye, one of Georg Jensen’s life time friends from his early years). After having considered several venues for the exhibition, the committee found that Oeregaard Museum would be optimal, and we were fortunate to be received with a warm and positive response when we presented our ideas to Oeregaard Museum. The committee has since then worked closely with the museum about this exhibition. We have been in contact with members of the family, collectors, other museums etc. and asked to borrow items for the exhibition. We have experienced a warm reception from everyone we have been in contact with, and by now we have commitment for more than 100 items, most of which have never been exhibited. We still look for items, and in particular his sculptural works and the works from Paris 1924-26 have been quite difficult to find. 

It has been discussed, whether we should publish a book “The unknown Georg Jensen” in connection with the exhibition, or if we should wait until all the other activities celebrating the 100 year anniversary have ceased. It is most likely, that we will concentrate on a large catalogue for the exhibition and postpone the book, but a final decision has not been taken. 

We have been working on the 2nd issue of Georg Jensen Magazine for some time and expect it to be out in a couple of months. We invited Georg Jensen Museum on Amagertorv in Copenhagen to present their great collection in the Magazine, but Royal Scandinavia (who owns Georg Jensen Museum) has refused to collaborate with us. Our invitation remains open, though. Instead another collection will be presented, and there will be an article about “Georg Jensen on auction”. 

There will also be visible changes on our home page quite soon. Our company members will get the opportunity to inform about their business, there will be a structured link-service to museums, auctions etc., and there will be a forum for members to buy/sell/search for items and chat about Georg Jensen. We will make an effort this autumn to attract new members. Increase in the number of paying members will give us the economic possibility to increase our activities, and especially improvements of our homepage and a more regular publication of Georg Jensen Magazine are high on our want list. 

Earlier this year Caryl and Harold Unger became professional members of the board. They have a long interest for Georg Jensen and his life work and huge experience and knowledge about Georg Jensen silver and gold. We are really happy to be able to work with them in the board and we welcome them. 

No member of the board had paid sufficient attention to our regulations up to this general assembly. They state, that on 31.8.2003 the members of the board are on election for the next 3 year period. I has been necessary for us to correct the first agenda we posted for this assembly, and we apologise for that. 

Our accountant through the last 3 years, Jens-Jørgen Jensen has wished to stop this year, and we will elect a new accountant later. The board wish to thank Jens-Jørgen Jensen for his work on the accounts. 

And finally, it is very satisfactory for the board to see the increasing interest and participation in the work from the members of the Society. As you can see, many members have come today. We are quite sure that this is a tendency and wish everyone welcome. 

The report was adopted. 

4. Presentation of account. The accounts were adopted. 

5. Elections for the committee: All members were up for election. They were all re-elected. 

6. Election of auditor for the accounts. Morten Moeller Georg Jensen was elected. 

7. Election of treasurer for USA. Harold Unger was elected. 

8. Change of regulations. The changes suggested by Soeren Kjeldsen were not adopted, but the modified changes suggested by the committee were adopted with 100 % votes among the present family members. 

9. Any other business: The committee was asked how the exhibition at Oeregaard Museum will be funded. Michael Krogsgaard could tell, that all costs except for catalogue and poster are covered by the museum. The organising committee are applying for external funding to produce the catalogue and poster, and we have had a positive response to our first application. 

10. Art historian Jens-Jørgen Frimand has a huge knowledge about architect Anton Rosen and his work, and Frimand is in the organising committee for an exhibition in Silkeborg about Anton Rosen. Frimand gave a very interesting lecture about the building of Palace Hotel. The owner was Anders Jensen, and he wanted Anton Rosen to lead the project. Anton Rosen produced drawings of the buildings and the interior, but he chose Georg Jensen to design flatware and hollowware. Rosen and Jensen had collaborated earlier on two spoons (for Rosen and his wife) and two sugars. The drawings were made by Georg Jensen and they are dated April 15, 1909, but the production was done by Mappin & Webb in silver plate. Unfortunately all the original silver plate was sold in 1964 when the hotel was renovated. 

After a guided tour of the hotel, the meeting ended. 

Liv Carøe.

Would you like to read the report from the annual meeting in The Georg Jensen Society Saturday August 31, 2002 then click here