Report from the annual meeting in The Georg Jensen Society Saturday August 31, 2002. 

The meeting took place in Raadvad, Georg Jensenís birthplace and childhood town, 15 kilometers north of Copenhagen, and forester Klaus Waage Soerensen guided the members through Raadvad. He told all about itís history, and he showed us the places, that had influenced Georg Jensen so heavily: the file factory, the schoolhouse, and the nature around Raadvad, in particular the large alder moor. We were fortunately gifted with very nice weather. 

The annual meeting itself took place in the teaching facilities next to the crafts factories. 

1. Election of the meetingís chairman and recording secretary.

Pia Georg Jensen was chosen as chairman, and Ellis Tauber-Lassen as recording secretary.

2. Establishment of whether a due notice of the meeting has been given.

Notice was given August 5, 02, which is sufficient. 

3. Report from the committee.

The work and the activities the previous year have all followed the short- and long-sighted plans. 

The first issue of our journal - Georg Jensen Magazine - was published in may 02. The board had considered several possible different formats and designs of the journal, but we decided to produce it as an electronic magazine, which every member can print out from the homepage This has advantages: It is easy to distribute; we can use links in the articles (which we are working on but has not yet finished); the photographic material can be reproduced in a very high quality; and the production costs are quite low. But it has also disadvantages: The journal is not as easily available and visible as if it was printed; it takes quite some time and a powerful PC to print it out. We will continue to publish it in the electronic form, and we are working on no. 2, which we hope to publish this autumn. 

There were surprisingly few responses when we sent a CD-ROM of the magazine to journalists on newspapers etc. Next time we will send printed out versions to the journalists, so it will be more readily available. 

Our home page has grown during the past year, but it is still far from what we have planned it to be. We have had some technical problems (they seem to have been solved now). We have also discussed whether we should make some parts of the web page available for members only by introducing a password, but we have decided that all parts of the web-page will be available to anyone, but the print-versions of the Georg Jensen Magazine will not be on the home page but will be sent to all members - so only the screen versions can be found on the web-site. The board will intensify the work to make the home page a useful and important website. 

Our long-sighted plans refer to year 2004 - the 100th anniversary of Georg Jensenís silversmithy. In March and April we will present an exhibition of Georg Jensenís artistic development up until the opening of the Silversmithy 1904, that is: his production as sculptor and potter, as well as his earliest works in silver. In addition it will present a number of his later works from the 1920s and 1930th. We have already made arrangements to borrow a number of works, that have never before been exhibited, so we think the exhibition will be worth visiting, also for tourists. We will also publish a book about Georg Jensenís art until 1904, to be followed by books about he later career. A group that is working with the coordination of these activities has been formed. If other members wish to participate in these activities, please let us know! 

The board is to pick to professional members of the Society besides silversmith Mogens Bjoern-Andersen. We are negotiating with 2 extremely qualified persons at the moment. 

The work in the Society is done in peoples spare times, and therefore it is not always moving as fast as we all wish it to. 

4. Presentation of account.

The accounts are not ready yet, due to delays from the chairman, but it will be mailed to the members shortly. 

5. Eventually elections for the committee.

None on election. 

6. Election of auditor for the accounts.

Jens Joergen Jensen was chosen with applause.

7. Any other business.


The afternoon ended with the film ďGeorg Jensen SilverĒ. It is a documentary about Georg Jensenís silversmith, produced in 1938 and showing the production from drawing to finished silverwork. 

Ellis Tauber-Lassen.


Would you like to know more about Raadvad clik here