First general meeting for "The Georg Jensen Society"

Sculptor and silversmith Georg Jensen is probably the individual person, who has been of greatest importance for making Danish applied arts known world wide and for the development of artictic silverworks in general during the century which ended recently.

We feel that Georg Jensen should have his own Society. On the threshold of a new century, which may begin with Georg Jensen’s silver smithy being sold to foreign interests, we feel that the foundation of "The Georg Jensen Society" is a good way to demonstrate, that Georg Jensen’s art will live on and survive, no matter what happens.

Therefore a first general meeting for "The Georg Jensen Socitety" is held on monday April 24, 2000.


1. Introductory presentation regarding the foundation of "The Georg Jensen Society"

2. Discussion of the presentation.

3. Establishment of regulations for the Society.

4. Elections for the committee.

The meeting takes place on Kildeghårdsvej 12 B, st. tv., Hellerup (Copenhagen).


Regulations for "The Georg Jensen Society" - "Georg Jensen Selskabet".


The name of the Society is "The Georg Jensen Society" - in Danish: "Georg Jensen Selskabet" - and the additional names "The Georg Jensen Appreciation Society" and "The Georg Jensen Foundation".


Home for the Society is The Greater Copenhagen, Denmark.


The aim of the Society is to promote knowledge about Georg Jensen’s life and art. The Society shall collect information and material regarding Georg Jensen’s life, his artistic carreer as sculptor and silversmith, and about the companies "Georg Jensen’s Silver smithy" and "Georg Jensen & Wendel" in Georg Jensen’s lifetime.

The collected material and information must be presented to the public in as much depth as possible through printed or electronic media, in lectures and symposiums, exhibitions or other ways, which the committee finds suitable.


Descendants of Georg Jensen and their husbands/wifes can be admitted as family members of the Soiciety.

Any person, who wishes to join the Society can be admitted as ordinary member.

Any company, which wishes to join the Society, can be admitted as company member.


The general meeting is the highest authority of the Society. Ordinary general meetings are held once a year, if at all possible on Georg Jensen’s birthday, August 31, the meeting would be held on August 31, 2000. Anyone with a membership can attend the general meeting (all family members, ordinary members and company members) with an admission card.

The committee announces the general meeting at least 14 days in advance. Topics, which members wish to discuss at the meeting, must be in the hands of the committee at least 3 weeks before the meeting. Admission cards can be obtained until the day before the meeting according to instructions in the announcement.

At the general meeting, the following items will be reviewed:

1. Election of the meeting’s chairman and recording secretary.

2. Establishment of whether a due notice of the meeting has been given.

3. Report from the committee.

4. Presentation of account.

5. Eventually elections for the committee.

6. Election of auditor for the accounts.

7. Any other business.


All present family members have one vote; ordinary members and company members can speak but not vote.

Over the ordinary, general meetings can be requested from at least 2 family members. The committee must announce the meeting no later than 2 weeks after the request. Admission to the meeting and regulations regarding speaking and voting follows the regulations for the ordinary general meetings.


The committee consists of 7 members: 4 family members and 3 professional members. At the Society’s general meeting the family members of the committee are elected by family members who are present at the meeting. The term of office is 3 years, and the first period ends August 31, 2003. Family members can be reelected. The 4 family members of the committee choose the 3 professional members, and they are persons with a special knowledge about Georg Jensen and his life work, who will accept to work in the committee according to the aims of the Society. Professional member’s term of office is 3 years, and they can be reelected.

The committee constitutes itself with a chairman, a secretary and a cashier, but the committee can decide to make other constitutions, for example editor or director of exhibition. The chairman must be a family member of the Society.

The committee meets at least twice a year. Decisions are either made without vote or after vote. All committee members have one vote, and votes can be made on proxy. In case of equal votes, the chairman’s vote is decisive.

The committee refers to the general meeting. The committee takes care of the daily business.

The chairman can sign for the Society in unity with at least one committee member.


The annual dues are set at the general meeting after proposition from the committee. The due covers the period September 1 - August 31. The dues for the period April 24, 2000 - August 31, 2001 is set at: family members no due, ordinary members 200,- DKR, company members 2.500,- DKR.

The revenue must be used according to the aims of the Society.


The Society can be dissolved at a general meeting after proposition from the committee, if at least 2/3 of the present voting members vote for it. In case the Society dissolves, the Society’s funds must be donated to one or several activities within the aims of the Society.


These regulations can be changed at a general meeting, if at least 2/3 of the present voting members vote for it.


Decided on at the first general meeting April 24, 2000.


As family members the following were elected: Ib Georg Jensen, Liv Carøe, Ea Georg Jensen and Michael Krogsgaard. The committee will choose the 3 professional members and present them at the general meeting.

The committee has constituted itself with Michael Krogsgaard as chairman.



First ordinary annual meeting in The Georg Jensen Society, March 2, 2001.

Place: Museumsbygningen, Kastelsvej 18, Copenhagen Ø, Denmark.


1. Election of the meeting’s chairman and recording secretary.

2. Establishing whether a due notice of the meeting has been given.

3. Report from the committee, including presentation of the first issue of "Georg Jensen Magazine" and our homepage "", and thoughts about the future work.

4. Presentation of account.

5. Election of a family member for the committee, as Ib Georg Jensen wishes to resign from the committee. Vibeke Ravn Sørensen is nominated.

6. Election of auditor for the accounts.

7. Georg Jensen topics: Three unique Georg Jensen silverworks will be presented. Michael Krogsgaard will talk about Georg Jensens first major exhibition: Danish Applied Arts, October-November 1904 at the Danish Museum of Decorative Art.

8. Any other business.


Summary of the first ordinary annual meeting in The Georg Jensen Society March 2, 2001.

1. Pia Georg Jensen was elected chairman and recording secretary.

2. The meeting had been announced in letters to all members 3 weeks earlier and therefore due notice has been given.

3. Michael Krogsgaard reported from the committee work since the Society was formed in April 2000. It has taken a lot of time and energy to prepare "Georg Jensen Magazine" and the homepage "", but things are falling into place now.

"Georg Jensen Magazine" will be an electronic journal, which each member can download if desired. It will be bilingual, as all articles will be published in Danish and in English. Technically the left sides will be in Danish and the right sides will be in English. Photos will be interactive on right sides, from which they can be enlarged and presented in the best possible quality.

The content of the first issue, which will hopefully be ready in few weeks, will be:

A. Georg Jensen’s own memories of his life.

B. A conversation with Georg Jensen’s last apprentice, silversmith Mogens Bjørn-Andersen.

C. Presentation of the Georg Jensen works in the Danisk Museum of Decorative Art.

D. Georg Jensen hollowware sold from the largest auctioneers in Denmark, Bruun Rasmussen 1948-2000.

E. Unique Georg Jensen Works.

Report from auctioneers and the presentation of unique works will be topics in all issues of the magazine. The magazine will contain commercial advertisements.

The homepage will have 14 different entries, which will be opened one-by-one. The first ones will be available in few days. There is free access to all entries except "Georg Jensen Magazine", which is only available to members. There will be no commercial advertisements on the homepage, but members can put out a search for wanted work, sales, and any other interests etc.

A number of books about Georg Jensen are planned. The first project is a book covering the period before he opened his silver smithy in 1904. The period is not very well documented in the litterature (which is also the case with Georg Jensen’s artistic works later) and there are many mistakes, and misquotations. The books must - as the Magazine - have a very high standard, be well researched and any information well documented.

The Society does not have funds to buy Georg Jensen works. Therefore the committee is working to establish contracts with owners of Georg Jensen works, which the Society would like to exhibit. These contracts will hopefully be the basis for the permanent exhibition, and the first contract has already been made. At the annual meetings there will be a permanent exhibition and an additional exhibition with a special topic. The committee is working with several topics for the upcoming meeting in August.

4. As the committee had decided not to collect the annual fee before Febnruary 2001, there was no money for the account. The accounts will be reported in August.

5. Vibeke Ravn Søren was elected as family member of the committee, replacing Ib Georg Jensen.

6. Jens-Jørgen Jensen was elected auditor of accounts.

7. Georg Jensen topics:

Three very nice unique works were presented and passed around:

A bonboniere (small bowl) with handles of ivery and ebony, made in Paris for the worlds fair in 1925 and signed by Georg Jensen. It will be presented in the first issue of "Georg Jensen Magazine".

A spoon no. 4, which Georg Jensen had bent for his grandchild to get a better grip, and which is a precursor for current children flatware.

Finally Georg Jensens earliest known silver work - the Adam and Eve belt buckle from 1899. The history of the buckle was discussed, and it seems that there has been a misconseption about the information in the past regarding the buckle.

Michael Krogsgaard gave a slide presentation of Georg Jensen’s first major exhibition at the Danish Museum of Decoratrive Arts, October-November 1904, which had exhibited around a 100 pieces. The reactions from the Museum and the press were discussed.

8. There was no other business.

Pia Georg Jensen, 10.3.01.